Chevrolet Spark M400: fuses and relays (2016-2022)


Chevrolet Spark M400 — this is the 4-th generation of the Spark family. The vehicle was produced 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. Chevy Spark M400 was presented in a 5-door hatchback body style, with 1.0 L and 1.4 L petrol engines, in four trim levels: LS, 1LT, 2LT, Active. During production, this model has undergone an update (facelift) in 2018.

Interesting to know: Chevrolet Spark M400 also known as  Holden Spark, Opel Karl, Vauxhall Viva.

In this article you will find information about location of the fuse boxes and relays with their diagrams and assignment, especially the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and fuel pump.

Please note that depending on the year of manufacture, equipment and modification of the vehicle, the fuse and relay boxes may be different.

Passenger compartment fuse box

Interior fuse box location Chevrolet Spark m400
Interior fuse box location Chevrolet Spark m400

The fuse box in the cabin is located on the left side of the dashboard, next to the steering column.

To access the fuse box:

  • Open the fuse panel door by pulling it toward you.

Chevy Spark M400 - passenger compartment fuse box diagram
Chevy Spark M400 – passenger compartment fuse box diagram
AmpsDescription / Protected circuit
110 AOnStar - in-vehicle system
that can connect to a live Advisor
for Emergency, Security, Navigation, Connection, and Diagnostic services (ONSTAR)
215 AHeater, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system / Electronic Climate Control module (HVAC CNTR/ECC)
35 AInstrument panel / Instrument Cluster: speedometer, odometer, tachometer, fuel gauge e.t.c. (IPC)
410 ATransmission control module (TCM)
515 ARadio / Audio system (RDO)
615 ABody control module 1 - CVT Stop and Start system (BCM1 (AT S&S)
77.5 ASide blind spot alert / Rear park Assist system (SBSA/RPA)
87.5 AData Link Connector / OBD 2 (DLC)
915 AElectric steering column lock (ESCL)
1010 ASensing and diagnostic module (SDM)
115 ATRANSD / DC-DC converter (TRANSD)
12 2019-2020: Air quality ionizer
2021-2022: Virtual key pass system module (AQI)
137.5 AElectronic toll collection system (ETCS)
1430 ALinear power module (LPM)
157.5 APassive entry / Passive start system (PEPS)
162 ADiscrete logic ignition sensor - non-CVT stop and start (DLIS (Non AT S&S))
1710 AForward collision alert (FCA)
185 AInstrument panel / Instrument Cluster (IPC)
19 -Reflected LED alert display (RLAD)
205 AHeadlight leveling switch (HLLD SW)
2125 AFront power windows - driver and passenger side (FRT PWR WNDW)
2225 ARear power windows - left and right side (REAR PWR WNDW)
23 -Not Used (Empty)
245 AAutomated manual transmission module (MTA)
2520 ACigarette lighter / Auxiliary Power Outlet (APO)
265 ASunroof drive/switch (S/ROOF)
2710 ACentral gateway module (2018) (CGM)
2830 ABody control module 8 (BCM8)
2915 ABody control module 7 (BCM7)
3015 ABody control module 6 (BCM6)
3115 ABody control module 5 (BCM5)
3215 ABody control module 4 (BCM4)
3315 ABody control module 3 (BCM3)
3415 ABody control module 2 - non-CVT stop and start (BCM2 (Non AT S&S)
3515 ABody control module 1 - non-CVT stop and start (BCM1 (Non AT S&S)
362 ADiscrete logic ignition sensor -CVT stop and start (DLIS (AT S&S))
372 ASteering wheel controls backlighting (SWC BKLT)
38 -Not Used (Empty)
3930A / 40ADC DC converter/ Logistics (TRANS (200/ 400W) / LOGISTICS)
4030 ADriver express power window, master power window (EXP PWR WNDW)
4140 ABlower and heater motor (BLWR)
4215 AFront heated seats - driver and passenger side (HTD/SEAT)
4310 AHVAC module - heating, ventilation, and air conditioning module (HVAC CNTR)
447.5 AHeated steering wheel (HTD/STR)
4515 ABody control module 2 - CVT stop and start (BCM2 (AT S&S))
R1 -Logistics relay (RLY1)
R2 -Accessory/ Retained accessory power relay (RLY2) (35A)
R3 -Interruptible retained accessory power relay (RLY3) (35A)
R4 -Run / Start relay (RLY4) (35A)

The Cigarette lighter (APO) fuse is at number 25 with an amperage of 20 Amps.

Fuses and relays under the hood

Chevy Spark M400 has 2 Fuse boxes in the engine compartment.

Location of fuses and relays under the hood
Location of fuses and relays under the hood

The first and main fuse box is located on the left side in the driving direction, next to the battery and headlight and is protected by plastic cover.

  • To access the fuses, press the tab at the front of the cover, and lift the cover.
Photo diagram of the engine compartment fuse box cover
Photo diagram of the engine compartment fuse box cover
Photo of Chevrolet Spark M400 engine compartment fuse box
Photo of Chevrolet Spark M400 engine compartment fuse box
Chevy Spark M400 - diagram of the fuse box under the hood
Chevy Spark M400 – diagram of the fuse box under the hood
AmpsDescription / Protected circuit
110 ALiftgate Latch (L/GATE)
2 - / 5A2016-2018 models: Not Used (Empty)
2019-2022 models: Transmission output speed sensor (TOSS)
325 ARear window defogger (defroster) (REAR DEFOG)
410 AHeated outside rearview mirrors (OSRVM HTR)
520 ASunroof drive, S/R control module (S/ROOF)
615 AContinuously Variable Transmission control module (TCM)
715 AMass air flow sensor / Intake air temperature sensor (MAF / IAT)
8 -2016-2018 models: Auxiliary heater pump. 2019-2022 models: Not Used (empty)
930 AABS Valve - anti-lock braking system (ABS VLV)
105 ARegulated Voltage
Control (BATT RVC)
1110 ARear view / back up camera (REAR CAMERA)
12 -Not Used (empty)
13 -Not Used (empty)
1415 AEngine Control Module/
Transmission Control
Module (ECM/TCM R/C)
1515 AFuel Injection control
module / Starter Motor (FICM/STRTR MTR)
1615 AFuel Pump Motor (FUEL PUMP MTR)
1715 AEngine Control Module 1 (ECM1)
1820 AEngine Control Module 2 (ECM2)
1920 AInjector / Ignition (INJ & IGN)
2015 AAir conditioner system - A/C clutch (A/C CLTCH)
215 AIntelligent Battery
Sensor (IBS)
227.5 AElectric Steering
Column Lock (ESCL)
2320 ACooling Fan – Low speed (radiator fan) (FAN LO)
24 - / 5 A2016-2018 models: Not Used (empty)
2019-2022: Rear virtual key pass system sensor (REAR VKS)
257.5 AOutside / exterior rearview mirrors motor control (OSRVM CNTRL)
2615 AEngine Control Module/
Transmission control
module battery (ECM/TCM B+)
2710 ACanister Vent Solenoid (CNSTR VENT SOL)
28 -2016-2018 models: Brake pedal switch.
2019-2022 models: Not Used (empty)
295 AAutomatic occupant sensing (automotive occupant detection) (AOS)
3010 AHeadlamp leveling motor (headlight adjustment) (HDLP LVL MTR)
3115 AHorn (honk, beep)
3215 AFront fog lights (FRT FOG)
3315 AHigh beam - Left headlight (HI BEAM LT)
3415 AHigh beam - Right headlight (HI BEAM RT)
35 - / 2 A2016-2018 models: Not Used (empty)
2019-2020 models: Virtual key pass system module (VKS)
2021-2022 models: Air Quality Ionizer (AQI)
3620 ARear wiper and washer (REAR WPR)
3710 AInterior Left cornering light (CRN LT)
3810 AFront Washer motor (WASH MTR)
3910 AInterior Right cornering light (CRN RT)
40 -Not Used (empty)
41 - / 5A2016-2018 models: Not Used (empty)
2019-2022 models: Front virtual key pass system sensor (FRT VKS)
4240 AStarter solenoid 2 (STRTR SOL2)
4330 AIn-panel bussed electrical center (IEC)
4430A / 40A30A: Automated manual transmission (MTA)
4530 AStarter solenoid 1 (STRTR SOL1)
4650 AABS pump
4740 ACooling fan - high speed (radiator fan) (FAN HI)
4830 AFront wiper motor (FRT WPR)
4940 AAccessory / Retained accessory power (ACC/RAP)
RLY1 - Rear defogger relay (REAR DEFOG RLY)
RLY2 -Transmission control module (TCM RLY)
RLY3 -Fuel pump motor (FUEL PUMP MTR RLY)
RLY4 -Starter 2 (STRTR SOL2 RLY)
RLY5 -Air Conditioner clutch relay (A/C CLTCH RLY)
RLY6 -2016-2018 models: Auxiliary heater pump
2019-2022 models: Not Used (empty)
RLY7 -Cooling fan relay - low speed (radiator fan) (FAN LO RLY)
RLY8 -Run/Crank relay (RUN/CRNK RLY)
RLY9 -2016-2018 models: Warning / Hazard lights / Turn signals (flashers) relay (WR/TRN)
2019-2022 models: Powertrain PWR/TRN RLY)
RLY10 -Starter 1 (STRTR SOL1 RLY)
RLY11 -Cooling fan relay - high speed (radiator fan) (FAN HI RLY)
RLY12 -Front fog lamps (FRT FOG RLY)

 The Fuel pump fuse is at number 16 with 15 Amps.

Battery fuse box

Fuse box №2

Battery fuses

The power fuses are located on the plus terminal (B+) of the battery (usually under the red plastic cover).

AmpsDescription / Protected circuit
1150 ATo the main underhood fuse block (UEC)
280 ATo instrument panel fuse block (REC)
380 AElectric power steering control module (EPS)
4400 AStarter motor, Alternator / Generator (STR/ALT)

Hopefully, our article with the purpose of the fuses and a description of where they are located will help you in troubleshooting and repairing your car. If you still have questions, feel free to leave your comments below!


  1. Started installing led lights in front on 2019 Spark. They were all working, but now Right low beam and Left parking lights are out. Went back to old bulbs and have the same issue.


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