Chevrolet Spark M300 (EU): fuses and relays diagram (2009-2015)


Here you will find information about fuse boxes and relays of Chevrolet Spark M300 (European market version), which was produced in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 with 1.0 L, 1.2 L petrol engines and 1.0 L diesel engines.

This article describes in detail the location of the fuse boxes and relays with their diagrams and functions, additionally highlighted the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

It is necessary to know that depending on the equipment, modification and year of manufacture of the car the fuse and relay boxes may be different.


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Interior fuse box

In the passenger compartment fuse box is located on the left side of the dashboard / instrument panel, next to the steering column.

To access the fuses:

Open the fuse panel door by pulling out at the top and remove the fuse panel door. On some Chevy Spark models, you have to remove the bottom plastic cover of the dashboard.

Chevrolet Spark M300 - interior fuse box diagram
Chevrolet Spark M300 – interior fuse box diagram
AmpsDescription / Protected circuit
110 ARear wiper and washer (REAR WPR)
210 ASide (outside) mirrors, Rearview Mirror controls (MIR/OSVRM)
310 AHeadlamp, headlight (HDLP)
415 AElectric outside Rearview mirrors, outside rearview mirror drive (ELE OSRVM)
515 ACentral locking, door lock, locking and unlocking doors (DR/LCK)
620 AWindshield wiper and Washer, front wiper (FRT/WPR)
725 ASpare (reserve) (SPARE)
815 ABackup lights, Reverse lights, Park / Neutral Position (PNP) switch (BCK/UP)
910 AFlashers / indicators, turn signals (TRN/SIG)
1020 ARear window defogger (DEFOG)
1110 ARear fog lights, tail light - right, tail light - left (REAR/FOG)
1210 ADashboard / instrument panel, Information display, cell phone module (CLSTR)
1310 ATransmission Control Module, Automatic transmission range selector lever, brake light switch (TCM)
1415 AEngine control module (ECM) / theft deterrent system, fuel pump relay, Turbine wheel speed sensor of automatic transmission, Fuel pressure regulator, Vehicle speed ​​sensor (VSS), LPG control module, Secondary shaft speed sensor of automatic transmissionr, immobilizer control module, immobilizer control module - optional (ECM THEFT DTRNT)
1510 AStarter, Door Lock Remote Control Receiver (RCDLR), Park / Neutral switch, Ignition switch (STRTR)
1625 ABlower (heater) motor control module (BLWR)
1725 APower windows - rear electric windows (REAR WNDW)
1825 APower windows - front electric windows, driver's and passengers's side, central power window switch (FRT WNDW)
1910 AAirbag, airbag diagnostic and control module (AIRBAG) / (IGN)
20 - / 10 AEmpty (not used) or Interior lamps (*some models) (INT LAMPS)
2120 ACigarette lighter (LTR)
2210 ATheft deterrent system / data (diagnostic) link connector (DLC), data (diagnostic) link connector (DLC 2), Immobilizer control module, Immobilizer control module - optional (THEFT DRNT DLC)
2310 ARadio / remote keyless entry / remote entry system, door lock remote control receiver (RCDLR)(RDO/RKE/RES)
2415 ABrake light / Stoplights, Rear additional brake Light (CHMSL) Engine Control Module (ECM), Transmission control module(TCM), Electronic brake control module (EBCM), Tail light - left side, Tail light - right side, (STOP)
2510 AInterior lights, dome light, luggage compartment light, airbag diagnostic system, Anti-theft system control module (CLSTR/INT LAMPS) or *Airbag (*some models) (BATT)
2615 ARadio / Clock / remote keyless entry, Cell phone control module, Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system control module (RDO/CLOCK/RKE)

The Cigarette lighter fuse is at number 21 with an amperage of 20 Amps.

Engine compartment fuse boxes

Under the hood Chevy Spark M300 has 1 or 2 Fuse boxes (depends on the modification of the vehicle).

Location of fuses and relays under the hood (Chevrolet Spark M300)
Location of fuses and relays under the hood

Main Fuse box №1 is located on the left side in the driving direction, next to the battery and headlamp, also protected by plastic cover.

  • To access the fuses, press the tab at the front of the cover, and lift the cover.
Diagram of the engine compartment fuse box cover Chevy Spark m300
Diagram of the engine compartment fuse box cover
Chevy Spark M300 - diagram of the fuse box under the hood
Chevy Spark M300 – diagram of the fuse box under the hood
AmpsDescription / Protected circuit
115 AFuel pump, f/p relay (FUEL PUMP)
230 AFan High, engine cooling system (high speed radiator fan) (FAN HI)
310 AAir Conditioner, air conditioner compressor clutch (A/C)
410 AParking / turn signal lights - left side, License plate light, Headlight adjustment (PARK LH)
510 AParking / turn signal lights - right side, Headlight range adjustment - right, Tail light - right, Interior / dome light relay (PARK RH)
610 AFront fog lights (FRT FOG)
720 AFan Low, engine cooling system (low speed radiator fan) (FAN LO)
840 AAntilock Brake
System; EBCM - electronic brake control unit (ABS2)
950 AAntilock Brake
System; EBCM - electronic brake control unit (ABS1)
1010 ASpare (reserve) (SPARE)
1115 ASpare (reserve) (SPARE)
1220 ASpare (reserve) (SPARE)
1320 AHigh beam headlights - right and left side, Instrument panel (HDLP HI)
1410 ALow beam - left headlamp, headlight range control switch (HDLP LO LH)
1510 ALow beam - right headlamp (HDLP LO RH)
1640 AIgnition lock 2, Starter relay (IGN2/STRTR)
1730 AIgnition 1 / accessory (IGN1/ACCY)
1815 AWarning / hazard lights (HAZARD)
1910 AHorn relay (honk, beep), hood latch sensor (HORN)
20 -Empty (not used)
21 -Empty (not used)
2250 AFuse Block – Instrument Panel, Rear Window Deffoger Relay, (I/P BATT)
2330 AStarter relay (STRTR)
2420 AHeated seats - front (HTD/SEAT)
2510 AEngine Control Unit, TCM -Transmission Control Module (ECU)
2615 AIgnition, Ignition coils (1,2,3,4), Ignition coil module, LPG Control Module (IGN)
2715 AEngine control module, Ignition coil (1,2,3,4), Ignition coil module, LPG Control Module (EMS1)
2815 AHeated oxygen sensor, Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve (EGR), Solenoid purge valve (EVAP), Heated oxygen sensor 1, Camshaft position sensor, Heated oxygen sensor 2 (EMS2)
29 -Fuse puller

 The Fuel pump fuse is at number 1 with 15 Amps.


Description / Protected circuit
R1Parking light relay (PARK RLY)
R2Low speed fan relay, engine cooling system (low speed radiator fan) (FAN LO RLY)
R3High speed Fan relay, engine cooling system (high speed radiator fan) (FAN HI RLY)
R4Air Conditioner Relay (A/C RLY)
R5Front fog lights relay (FRT FOG RLY)
R6Fuel pump relay (FUEL PUMP RLY)
R7Headlamp high beam relay (HDLP HI RLY)
R8Engine Main Relay, motor main relay (ENG MAIN RLY)
R9Headlamp low beam relay (HDLP LO RLY)
R10Horn relay (HORN RLY)
R11Heated seats relay (HTD/SEAT RLY)
R12Starter relay (STRTR RLY)

*Relays: R1, R2, R4, R7, R9, R10 – are built into the fuse box (non serviceable  relays).

Auxiliary fuse box

Fuse box №2

Some models are equipped with an auxiliary unit located near the Battery and Air filter.

AmpsDescription / Protected circuit
1 -Electric vacuum pump Relay, Brake booster pump (EVP RELAY)
230 АElectric Vacuum Pump Motor (EVP MTR)

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