Kia Spectra (Sephia): fuses and relays diagram (2000-2004)


Kia Spectra (Sephia) – second-generation sedan and lift-back produced by the South Korean company, in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004, with 1.5, 1.6 and 1.8 liters engines. During this time, the model of the Spectra managed to be restyled / facelifted.

In this article you will find information on where the fuses and relays are located with their diagrams and purpose, especially the fuses responsible for the windows, fuel pump and cigarette lighter.

Kia Spectra / Sephia has 2 main fuse boxes with fuses and relays, and 1 additional block.

When studying the diagrams of fuses, remember that depending on the year of manufacture, equipment and modification of the car, the location and purpose of the fuse elements may differ, we recommend additionally checking the destination with the printed circuit on the protective plastic cover of the Fuse box.

Fuse box and relay in the passenger compartment

There are two mounting blocks (fuse block and relay block separately) in the passenger compartment.

The fuse box in the passenger compartment is located on the driver’s side, at the bottom of the footwell, directly on the side pillar, covered by a protective cover.

The location of the fuses in the passenger compartment: Kia Spectra (Sephia)

To access it:

  • Remove the protective cover by pushing down on its latch and set it aside.
Photo of the interior fuse box in the passenger compartment Kia Spectra (Sephia)
Photo of the interior fuse box in the passenger compartment Kia Spectra (Sephia)
Interior fuse box card Kia Spectra (Sephia)
Kia Spectra (Sephia) (2000-2004) - interior fuse box diagram
Kia Spectra (Sephia) (2000-2004) – interior fuse box diagram
AmpsDescription / Protected circuit
110 АTurn signals (direction indicators, flasher) (TURN LAMP)
210 АDashboard / instrument cluster, indicators, reversing lights, warning signal, ETWIS, speed sensor (METER)
310 АFor cars with AT: automatic transmission control unit circuit (TCU IG1)
410 АABS brake system (ABS)
510 АAirbag system (AIR BAG)
620 АWindscreen Wiper and Washer (FRONT WIPER)
710 А Audio system / radio, electrically operated rearview mirrors (AUDIO)
815 АCigar Lighter (CIGAR LIGHTER)
915 АHeated front seats (SEAT WARM)
1010 АECU, gear indication system ECAT, diagnostic connector, gear shift interlock (ECU B+)
1115 АStop lamps / brake lights (STOP LAMP)
1210 АAutomatic switch of day running lights (DRL ILL)

The Cigarette lighter fuse is at number 8 with an amperage of 15 Amps.

Relay block in the passenger compartment

The so-called “auxiliary” block with relays in the cabin is also located on the driver’s side, but in the lower part of the dashboard.

To access, it is necessary to:

  • Remove the bottom trim/plastic part of the dashboard by unscrewing the three bolts.

Kia Spectra (Sephia): Auxiliary relay diagram
Auxiliary relay diagram
Description / Protected circuit
1Turn signals and emergency lights relay
2Central door locking relay
3Fog lights relay

Engine compartment

There is 1 mounting block under the hood with fuses and relays. This block is located next to the front left shock strut and air filter box.

To access it, it is necessary:

  • Remove the protective cover of the Fuse box by pushing on the cover lock.
Photo of the engine compartment fuse box
Photo of the engine compartment fuse box

Kia Spectra (Sephia) (2000-2004) - engine compartment fuse box diagram
Kia Spectra (Sephia) (2000-2004) – engine compartment fuse box diagram
AmpsDescription / Protected circuit
120 АPower to the equipment when the ignition is on (IGN 1)
230 АABS brake system (ABS)
330 АPower to secondary fuses on lights #35 and #34, relay #56 (TNS)
430 АIgnition switch, starter relay, equipment power when the ignition is on (IGN 2)
520 АStarter (STARTER)
630 АPower to fuses #20 and #15, Stop lights ECU (BTN)
730 А / 20 АRadiator fan (engine cooling system) (COOLING)
820 АAir conditioner fan, Heating and Air Conditioning system (CON/FAN)
915 А / 10 АStarter (STARTER)
1030 А / 25 АHeater fan (BLOWER)
1110 АAir Conditioner, Air Recirculation Damper (SR/ACC)
1210 АAdjustment / correction of front headlights (HLLD)
1315 АAlarm system, warning lights (HAZARD)
1425 АCentral locking (D/LOCK)
1530 АABS brake system (ABS)
1615 АSunroof / moonroof (electric drive) (S/ROOF)
1725 АPower windows - left side (P/WIN RH)
1825 АPower windows - right side (P/WIN LH)
1915 АRear window wiper and washer (RR WIPER)
2010 АCabin / interior lighting (lamps),audio/radio, Clock, brake lights, ETWIS horns (ROOM)
2125 АHead lamps light, Alternator / generator (HEAD)
2215 АIgnition coil (IG COIL)
2310 АDiagnostic connector (OBD II)
2415 АFront head lamps light (HEAD 2)
2510 АOxygen concentration sensor - down (OX SEN D)
2610 АOxygen concentration sensor - up (OX SEN U)
2710 АFuel pump (FUEL PUMP)
2810 АInjector (INJECTOR)
2910 АAir conditioner compressor clutch (A/CON)
3010 АHeated side mirrors (HTD MIR)
3110 АAutomatic switch of daytime running lights (DRL)
3210 АRear fog lights (RR FOG)
3310 АFront fog lights (FRT FOG)
3410 АRight side position / parking lights, license plate illumination (TAIL RH)
3510 АLeft side position / parking lights (TAIL LH)
3615 АHeadlight low (left and right lamps) (HEAD LOW)
3715 АHeadlight high (left and right lamps) (HEAD HI)
3815 АHorn / beep / honk (HORN)
3930 АHeated rear window, rear defroster (DEFOG)
4110 АReserve (SPARE)
4215 АReserve (SPARE)
4320 АReserve (SPARE)
4425 АReserve (SPARE)
4530 АReserve (SPARE)
50-Headlight relay (HEAD)
51-Headlight relay (HEAD 2)
52-Fuel (gasoline) pump relay (FUEL PUMP)
53-Main relay of the engine control system (EGI MAIN)
54-Air conditioner, air conditioner compressor clutch (A/CON)
55-Air conditioner, air conditioner compressor clutch (A/CON)
56-Power to fuses #34 and #35 (TNS)
60-Power windows (P/WIN)
61-Heater fan relay (BLOWER)
62-Starter relay (STARTER)
63-Radiator fan relay (engine cooling system) (COOLING)
64-Air conditioner fan relay, Heating and Air Conditioning system (CON/FAN)
65-Heated rear window relay, rear defroster relay (DEFOG)

The fuse for the Fuel pump is number 27 with an amperage of 10 Amps. The fuses for the power windows are located at numbers 17 and 18 with an amperage of 25 Amps (also recommended, see relay no. 60).

We hope our article with the designation and pinout of fuses and relays was useful for you, leave your questions and comments below!


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